O2 Mischventil

O2 Mischventil

In cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hafner developed and manufactured an O2 mixing valve used in a blending device for medical ventilators.

The task of the blending device is to assure the correct O2 concentration in a mix of clean air enriched by pure oxygen for the patients.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a significant demand for both non-invasive and invasive
respirators. These devices provide a mixture of clean air and oxygen for the patients. The given mixture
of air and oxygen on the respirator can be adjusted by the doctor to suit the needs of the patient and the
treatment. Changes in gas pressure and flow volume significantly affect the ratio of the mixture, which
endangers the effectiveness of the treatment. Therefore, the mixing unit of modern machines is
supplemented with an electrical control system, which can lead to additional problems in some
equipment e.g. in terms of setting accuracy, fluctuation, time required, and electrical operation.

Mixing module

Benefits of a mechanically operated mixing device:

  • Robust and reliable mechanical system
  • Applicability in flammable and explosive environments
  • Single knob operation for specifying the mixing ratio
  • Small size

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